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GRANDCHILDREN or in our case, grandchild. The first grandchild. She's gorgeous. A lovable, wonderful, perfect package of all that makes up human. I dare say this will change as she grows up. It is what happens to little humans... and big ones too. So this is a uniquely special moment in time for this singular human baby. We and circumstance have not messed her up yet.  Surely, she comes with all human foibles and attitudes, good and bad, hot-wired into her; but she has yet to make her choices; her blind alleys are light-years away, and will come upon her sooner than any of us can comprehend. I am savouring this moment. We pray that The Lord will bless her and lead her into a full relationship with Him. Whatever her path, I shall love this little life to bits.
SMALL DOGS or in our case, small kommandant (Ein Kommandant ist Führer eines militärischen Fahrzeugs, einer ortsfesten militärischen Einrichtung oder eines militärischen Verbands. Auch in einigen zivilen Organisationen werd…