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BOOGIE-WOOGIE BUGLE BUG (in my company be)
Our little dog Gypsy Rose is more affectionately known, although only by Milady and I, as Loonbug. There is no single event or aspect of character in this small dog that gives rise to this soubriquet; it is more that is her nature. All of us have names given to us at birth and generally, I suppose, we grow to resemble the names. Or not, in which case we are given nicknames - often by the parents who gave us the wrong name in the first place.
My own name (George) for example, is a family name and I am the fifth of that name in my family. However, I have been known as Georgie, Gigot and The Old Rev - more recently, although I am neither old (at least not very), nor a Rev. My father however, was christened George, but was known as Tony all his days and my mother was Jean, but called herself Jackie, which she is now legally.
Bible students will know that in Scripture, the name usually represents the nature of the character described; thus Jesus …