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I like any post to be accompanied by at least one image. I am not sure if that is because I find that reading from a screen is tiring on the eyes, far more than on paper. By this I do not mean that my paper gets tired, but that my eyes reading from a book, magazine or newspaper can go for hours, whereas gazing at pixels seems to sap my powers of concentration. A picture often tells you all you need to know and saves you the trouble of reading the article; or it can interest you enough to engage with the words and find out more. There is probably an art to that, Other blogs of mine have been merely a vehicle to display my artwork or photographs, but hopefully this one will be more ...intriguing? Mind you, I am reading far less nowadays than I have been used to, and wonder if this is a commonplace or if it is just me. Lifestyle changes undoubtedly play a part. In my youth I had acres of time to fill, and often chose to read over other pursuits. I am thus well-read, but rubbish at any s…