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I'm trying out a new look for this blog; a new header to try and reflect some of the things that occupy my thoughts. From left to right, these are Teddies, My Lovely Wife, Terrorist Dogs and Thunderbirds. Only two of these things occupy my mind to a significant degree, and one of them is the dog. Cute though the dog was when first seen, she has now grown into a carpet-eating fiend who loves nothing better than yapping at a pitch which is barely audible yet deafening at the same time; the sort of noise that makes your brain dribble through your nose. She has an endearing personality as all dictators do, and yet there is that hint of madness there...megalomania probably. I have it on great authority (no less than Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer - a dog in man's clothing) that I am one of the pack and my wife is the 'pack leader'. I didn't need a dog to tell me this fact of life, and I certainly don't need a small, intense and hyperactive dog to tell me that I am…