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Whenever I get lost in Ireland - which is often - people I speak to say "Of course". There is a meek acceptance that one will always find oneself on the wrong road while trying to get from point A to Point B; that one must visit most of the other 24 in the points Alphabet as well.
I thought for a while that it was just bad sign-posting, or sometimes no sign-posting, but I feel that here is something more subtle at work. It may be an aspect of the Irish character.
A friend mentioned that until Ireland joined the European Union, there were no speed signs on Irish roads - or if there were, they were as rare as hen's teeth. It partially explains why very few Irish drivers in my experience, obey them. The same attitude seems to apply to getting anywhere.  But the Irish road network is a spider's web of infinite complexity, that, like a spider's web is set to trap the unwary, or anyone wanting to get anywhere. The internet conglomerate Google decided to place their Europ…