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The 'Dog's Brexit' thing has worn me out now. That, and President Gump's inauguration. The scale of the switcheroo in the world's understanding of itself has become exceedingly wearing of late. After my last post I found that the temptation to change it on a daily basis to accommodate the shifts and slides in perception of events just too much to handle, although my basic premise remained unchanged. I can see how journalists can become so frenetic at the constant change of things. I have to be very careful what I say about President Gump because I have many dear and beloved American friends and family some of whom think he is just the very man to set America back on track. Perhaps he is and I most certainly mean no offence to anyone who holds that belief. But in my view he is almost as presidential as a bowl of porridge, but with much less substance.

Donald Gump is undoubtedly a good businessman. He wouldn't be a billionaire otherwise. However, there are plent…


As someone interested in but never particularly shocked or surprised by politics and politicians, I have nonetheless been shocked but unsurprised by their response to the 'Brexit' opinion poll. I know that by now - some months after the event - millions of words have already been expended on the 'Hokey Cokey' Referendum (in, out, shake it all about). But in attempting to clarify my own thoughts on the matter - for the record and for the avoidance of speculation, I wished to remain in the EU - I am putting down here a few of my thoughts and gleanings on the matter both on leaving the EU and on the referendum (and referenda in general). I do not take any party political stance here; I hope merely a considered and clear-sighted one.
I find myself particularly distressed by the continual assertion by government (and other politicians) that "the British people have spoken", as if there has been an unequivocal statement as to the direction the country should take.…