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... or WHEN CHRISTMAS GETS MESSY. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a small arfhound wrecking at least some of your Christmas gifts. This is not done with malicious intent, but usually because said hound is saying to herself ... I am bored'they' [my people] are ignoring meI wonder what that [insert name of precious article here] tastes likeI wonder how easily [insert name of priceless article here] can be trashed / torn apart / made worthlessI am boredI am still bored and 'they' [my people] usually take me for a walk right about now and they are talking to each other and excluding me. I'll soon sort that * Now it has to be said that our darling dog does not confine herself to Christmas for her nefarious activities, but it is particularly distressing at this season of joy and goodwill that the festive spirit is being undermined by your 'nearest and dearest' [sic]. I cannot recall whether or not I have regaled you with tales of Gypsy Rose's boun…