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This is an issue that has troubled and hounded me ever since I had my first cholesterol test about 9 years ago in my early 50's. Then, 8.5 was the figure I was given; which, overweight and with an elevated blood pressure reading meant that there was no hope for a long and happy life unless I took some medication to alleviate the perilous state of my health. This meant 40mg per day of Atorvastatin and a small 5mg dose of something to keep my blood pressure in check. Sure enough, within days rather than months, my blood pressure dropped satisfactorily and my cholesterol levels to the national average. Saved, or so I was led to believe. Over the weeks months and years that followed, I became aware that I had some of the side-effects of statins that the manufacturers helpfully underplayed. Not serious side-effects for me, although I have since heard of people whose lives have been wrecked as a result. All of these adverse effects could just be those that one might expect with the age…