There was a time when life was simple; when worries were few and I could sit of an evening and read a good book without planning for the morrow. No longer. Not that things are without joy and excitement. Far from it. I should not like to complain of an excess of joy, nor that life is dull. Heaven forfend, whatever that means.
No, it is simply that the wedding season is upon us again and Milady and I are back on the trail serving those about to wed with flowers aplenty and styling to die for.
Let me say at the outset that I love weddings. A wedding is a very special occasion by any reckoning. Also flowers are a passion. My father was a gardener par excellence, and although I have not exactly followed in his footsteps plant-wise, I do adore flowers, and it is a special treat that my lovely wife is so magnificently talented at showing flowers in such a creative way.
I prefer to stand and watch; to contemplate. Such is my temperament. But the demands of the wedding profession insist that I take a more active role. I have photography skills that allow me to capture some of Milady's creations with a reasonably effective outcome; and I have now embarked on an enterprise to capture a lot of her finest work in watercolour. A hefty task as her work is so uniformly brilliant, but I have a real desire that we should be a team and work as one. Whatever modest talent I have, I should like to devote a good part of it to our joint enterprise.
Hydrangea heads in a wedding display  

 Image and text copyright GEORGE JOHN STEWART 2016